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Randall Louis Flynn

R.L. Flynn AKA Randall Louis Flynn was born in Tortuga to Mary Anne Flynn, a widow, madame and owner of The Mary Anne, a local tavern known for entertaining and harboring notorious thieves. Randall was put to work in the tavern at an early age and as he served the wicked sailors he absorbed their spirited tales and the sips of rum they shared. 


As Flynn grew older, he inherited his lusty and rebellious ways from Henry Pittman of Barbados fame. This is the same man upon whom author Rafael Sabatini based his character, Captain Blood. Pittman who frequented The Mary Anne paid special attention to Randall’s mother Mary.

When the Spanish attacked Tortuga, Flynn perpetrated a daring escape with a consort of ruffians. During the escape both Randall and Pittman wreaked havoc on the Spanish

which resulted in heavy losses but meant freedom for his fellow islanders.

Seen as a hero for his exploits, Alexander Johan Slick, the infamous pirate Captain Slick enticed Flynn to join his crew aboard the Amelia Rose. So, Flynn sailed the tropical seas as a pirate. And although he was vengefully hunted by the Spanish he continued to carved his name into pirate legend with his daring raids, drunken escapades, and amorous adventures which left many a maiden swooning in his wake.

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