BOARDED! is...a comedy! a swashbuckling adventure! a mystery! a stage performance!

a seagoing excursion! an exciting show for kids!

a hilarious romp for adults! All wrapped up together in an interactive pirate experience!

The Lost Treasure Hunt is the ultimate pirate adventure! Imagine stepping aboard a real sailing vessel crewed by pirates and a notorious Captain. You cast off, hoist the sails and set out to sea in search of lost treasure. Mistakenly you think you are on board to enjoy a sightseeing cruise but you are quickly "pressed into service" and join the pirate crew!

Get your team sailing in the right direction and navigating toward success. Through inventive and fun challenges your team will soon be working together as a proper pirate crew.


Pirates invade your party and you invited them!

Children's Birthday Parties

Adult Birthday Parties


Company Picnics

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

and many more!

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Hosting a Pirate Themed Party?

Shooting a Commercial or Film?