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Gemini Gallery Murder Mystery

You are cordially invited to attend Gemini Gallery's unveiling of a newly discovered masterpiece from the famous artist Kandinsky.


But before the painting can be shown it is stolen and the gallery owner is murdered! Now you must catch the thief and reveal the murderer.

The gallery guest list is full of suspects, and each one has a motive. Armed with only a pad of paper and a pen you must interrogate, discover clues and find the truth. 

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This is an immersive and interactive  experience featuring 6 to 10 highly skilled actors who portray the gallery owner, security and guests. This creates an exciting and unpredictable atmosphere.

The Gemini Gallery Murder Mystery is presented by San Diego Pirate Adventures LLC.

For quotes or more information contact us at (619) 928-4056 or go here and fill out our contact form.

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