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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I meet Jack?

We do enjoy those characters but our characters are original. So you will not find any Jacks, Hectors or Daveys as part of our crew.

Are you reenactors?

No, but we take pride in our appearance of authenticity. Our  show is created to immerse you into the Golden Age of Piracy (1650 -1730).

Are you real pirates?

Do we arm ourselves and attack other sailing ships for their loot? No. We are entertainers. San Diego Pirate Adventures is made up of professional actors with extensive backgrounds in film, television, theater, comedy and improv.

What separates you from other pirate groups?

We have a scripted show full of hilarious live audience time tested routines.

Do you have your own ship?

No. We do not have our own venue. We are a traveling band of pirates. We bring our show to you.

Where are you based?

San Diego is our home port but we do travel.

Where can I see your show?

Most of our bookings are private events but check our Public Shows page or become a VIP to be notified of our public performances.

Is your show clean?

Yes. We are a family show perfect for ages 5 to 105. We do not use any language in our show, but there is innuendo. Think classic Warner Brothers cartoons like Bugs Bunny. 

How much does your show cost?

We have standard performance rates which we will gladly share after your initial inquiry. But each client's needs and desires are unique. This allows us to customize the pirate experience for your guests. 

Do you perform for children?

Yes, but our main show BOARDED! is recommended for ages 5 and up. If you come seeking Jake and the Never Land Pirates your children will be disappointed. We do perform for younger audiences usually at birthday parties or other private events when we adjust our show for the little pirates.

What is BOARDED! ?

It is our premier show. Imagine stepping back in time to the golden age of piracy and joining a pirate crew and shown various skills. This experience is immersive and hilarious. But be aware this is not  Although it is ever evolving the core of the show has been around for over ten years.

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