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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we arm ourselves and attack other sailing ships for their loot? No. We are entertainers. San Diego Pirate Adventures is made up of professional actors with extensive backgrounds in film, television, theatre, comedy and improv.

Are you real pirates?
Where are you based?

San Diego is our home port but we travel nationally and internationally.

Do you have your own ship?

Yes. The CLOUDIA  which makes it berth at Point Loma Sportfishing near Shelter Island. However, we are able to perform aboard almost any type of sea vessel, anything from: a tall ship to a catamaran. But our show is not dependent on a ship. In fact, our show can be performed on land too; almost anywhere and under almost any condition.

Are you reenactors?
Is your show clean?

No, but we do take tremendous pride in our appearance of authenticity. Our  show is crafted to work in period of the Golden Age of Piracy (1650 -1730).

Yes. We are a family show suitable for all ages.

What separates you from other pirate groups?

We have a scripted show full of hilarious live audience time tested routines.

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