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Corporate Entertainment and Team Building

Whether you want an interactive team building program or just a show -  San Diego Pirate Adventures can create a golden experience that brings your team closer together.

To be a pirate meant to live by your wits and skills

but it also meant you were part of a crew.

Creatively crafted to achieve lasting results! This fun and original team-building program promotes group skills, trust and communication. We offer high-impact learning opportunities that empower individuals to work together toward a common goal.

Chart Your Own Success!

“Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins



It begins as your event is invaded by a band of pirates. Participants are divided into crews and their pirate skills are put to the test. These range from mental to physical challenges. Each achievement is awarded in gold. At the conclusion the team with the most gold becomes the winner and their captain is crowned Pirate King!

Each event is highly flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. The program can be intimate or large scale depending on your budget. This adventure can take place inside or outside.

Each of our "facilitators" are highly trained motivators dressed in authentic pirate garb and remain in character throughout. All documents and props and games are cast in appropriate pirate theme.

We respect that your needs are distinctive.

Every event, gathering and venue is different. We take pride in creating unique experiences for each of our clients. 

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Team Building San Diego Pirate Adventures
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