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A New Pirate Adventure


Boarded! A New Pirate Adventure


"Hilarious! It's the Jungle Cruise meets The Pirates of the Caribbean."

- Margaret Peck  San Diego Entertainment Magazine

BOARDED! is a hilarious and interactive show ready to invade your next party or corporate event. This show puts you right in the middle of the pirate action.

After you are sworn in as part of the crew you will be trained how to navigate, sword fight, bail water from a sinking ship, escape from the King's jail, swab the deck and other pirate skills. But beware there be mutiny afoot, a lost crew and a cursed treasure.

This show can be performed on
Land or Sea!




Happy Guests!
Equal Shares For All Crew
Krill with boy.jpg
Pirate Flag San Diego Pirate Adventures

BOARDED!  is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Pirates boarding through the gun ports
Swabbing The Deck San Diego Pirate Adventures
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