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is an entertainment company specializing in

pirate themed entertainment. From intimate gatherings to large scale events we are dedicated to creating immersive experiences for our guests.


San Diego Pirate Adventures is unique because we have a fully scripted theatrical show which can travel and perform anywhere.

Our show is crafted from over 10 years of performing. We don't demonstrate but instead immerse you into our world of pirates. And we are constantly striving to improve the overall experience with better routines, jokes and action. The details matter even down to the props we use in the show. Everything works together to create a unique experience.

One big misconception is our show is for children. Although we enjoy children it is really written for adults. I am reminded of the classic Warner Bros cartoons. As children we enjoyed the images but as adults we laugh at the words and situations. Our show is clean but we employ a good deal of innuendo. Of course, as actors we adapt to our audiences to ensure a solid and memorable connection. 

It took me a while to create the proper formula for bringing on new pirates. My solution is actors. Actors can handle the comedic timing needed, the lines and the blocking. I rehearse new actors in the same way I would direct a play. Actors have a good instincts where audiences are concerned. These skills are difficult to teach to non actors which why I only bring actors in to portray the various pirate characters.

Charles Peters
Charles Peters
Owner and Operator

Growing up I remember being around pirate actors and seeing them in comic books and on TV and in films. But I was never obsessed with them.

It wasn't until I worked on a film called Moonflower where I portrayed a sun baked half crazed pirate. Like many actors I did research for my role and was drawn into the world of The Golden Age of Piracy. The film was very successful and I enjoyed my role immensely.

I am not obsessed with pirates.

When it was over I found it difficult to dismiss my desire to play the role of a pirate. At the time I was working on a show and a cast mate informed me there was a new pirate ship docked in San Diego and they were in need of actors. I called the owner and coincidentally discovered the main actor and host of the show was from the film I had just finished. I was welcomed with open arms and came down to the show. 

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