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Grace Sona (English translation being Fortune) was raised in an orphan home in Westport, Clew Bay Ireland. Grace Fortune’s stubborn, hot headed attitude and lack of respect for authority figures earned her many lashings and harsh discipline.  Tired of being punished for her troublesome ways, Grace ran away. Knowing that if she was ever caught it would be the end of her; she jumped aboard a ship that was preparing to leave the docks. Unknown to her at the time she had stowed away on a pirate ship, but her deceiving ways, short hair and baggy clothes enabled her to blend in for many weeks.

Once Grace was found out to being a female, the crew began to call her Miss Fortune (MisFortune)

for many reasons such as: her good luck, her name in English meaning fortune and for not being punished by the captain of the ship. Captain O’Malley just so happened to be a female as well. MisFortune proved

her worth in work and obedience to the captain with her cut throat and relentless attitude. She quickly gained respect and statues through conniving theft, quick daggers and the ability to manipulate men.

However, Miss Fortune’s desire for rum outweighed that of the crew and while in port she had

a tendency to over drink This usually resulted in getting left behind, but her manipulating and tenacious ways would quickly find her a spot on a new ship. 

Miss Fortune

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