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A New Pirate Adventure


BOARDED! is a hilarious interactive show.
This is a unique immersive experience is perfect for corporate events and private parties.

Boarded! A New Pirate Adventure

After you are sworn in as part of the crew you will be trained how to sword fight, save a sinking ship, escape from the King's jail, swab the deck and other pirate skills. But beware there be mutiny afoot, a lost crew and a cursed treasure!

Recommended for ages 5 and up

Swabbing The Deck San Diego Pirate Adventures

"Hilarious! It's the Jungle Cruise meets The Pirates of the Caribbean."

- Margaret Peck - San Diego Entertainment Magazine

Mister Silvani
Krill and Mister Silvani

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Equal Shares For All Crew
Miss Vergilly
Why not overboard?
San Salvador
Golden eyed girl
Pirate guests
Finding the treasure
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